Speaking for the Spa for Soul event this Thursday May 27th!!

I am so excited to share the story of my family with all of you at MetroWest Chabads, for more information click here.

Flier for Spa for the Soul event!

6 Responses to “Speaking for the Spa for Soul event this Thursday May 27th!!”

  1. Elaheh says:

    Nice blog ;-.)

  2. Khalodi says:

    Very lovely and wonderful site full of information and lovely photos and your videos are so grate and complete nicely presented. Add to that your beautify look and lovely way. I wish if you focus on rice dishes since I love rice so much. Also there is a dish called ash I think know that dish how it cooked. How to order you book (wish when get married my wife can cook like you do).

  3. Wayne says:

    Thank you. your recipes are fantastic and your gentle soul, refreshing.

  4. Reyna Simnegar says:

    Thank you so much for your lovely note! I do know Ash and the cookbook will have many types of Ashes (Persian Soups) The book will be out for Hannuka!

  5. Ellie says:

    What is the name of the lovely music playing on your home page? Good luck with the cookbook – when will it be available in bookstores?

  6. Reyna Simnegar says:

    HI!! I am not sure. I love this Persian tune too. I will ask my web master who, of course, is Persian!