Wedding Theme Tadig!

When my friend Zoe Teegarden told me she was coming to me for her last Friday night dinner as I single girl, I could not stop thinking of my wedding themed Tadig!  I decided to use this opportunity to share it with you and to answer a lot of very good questions friends have about the art of Tadig making!  Now, please realize that I might end up going to “rice hell” for sharing all these tricks-of-the-trade with you…however, it is worth it just to make our lives much more easier!

First let’s get creative with Tadig!

Look at how I use cookie cutters and bread to make Tadig themes.  Use your imagination!! Here is the Tagid for Zoe and Greg…MAZAL TOV!!

Some of the questions are:

How early in the week can I make this rice in advance for Shabbat (Friday)?

There is no question…. nothing tastes better than fresh-made tadig.  However, we all have a life, so you can use this trick.  You have two options:

1)   You can make Tadig, let it cool and refrigerate the pot (up to two days).   Make sure to drizzle ½-cup of water mixed with 1/4-cup canola oil on top of the rice to bring it back to life and then reheat over a low/medium flame an hour before serving.

2)   You can make Tadig, let it cool and freeze the pot.  Let it defrost several hours before serving it without disturbing the rice. Make sure to drizzle ½-cup of water mixed with 1/4-cup canola oil on top of the rice to bring it back to life and reheat over low/medium heat 1 hour before serving it.

WHAT?!! Who has room in their freezer or refrigerator for a big pot of rice?!!

Totally!  I don’t have room either!  So, use handy disposable 9-inch x 13-inch aluminum pans with lids.  I love those things! When I have to make rice in advance, I don’t even steam it.  I simply drain it:

Then I set up my aluminum pan ready for tadig, just like I would set up my pot.  Add oil, turmeric and I even sometimes add potatoes!

After adding the rice, see it here with white rice and with “Rice with Lima Beans and Dill — Baghala Polo” I simply freeze it or refrigerated.  When ready to defrost and serve, I steam it in the oven (covered) at 350 degrees (after adding ½-cup of water mixed with 1/4-cup canola oil on top of the rice to bring it back to life)

To obtain tadig, I set the pans on my electric blech (hot platter) about 2 hours before serving and forget about them! I don’t know about your blech, but mine is like a Shabbat microwave!  The tadig made this way is absolutely delicious and huge!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful for you next Tadig adventure!!

5 Responses to “Wedding Theme Tadig!”

  1. thi is absolutely fabulou! I love the kosher cooking, and you make it so much fun! I share with many of my jewish and persian friends!

  2. wonderful ideas! you make it fun!

  3. Sharona says:

    not Persian, but would definitely like to try Tadig. Looks so yummy!!
    Have a recipe, that i can try? Also the bread on the bottom, is that a must (is there another purpose to it other than consumption?)

  4. Karen says:

    WOW!!! Thanks for such a great tip!! I have married to my Persian husband for almost 24 years and have never thought of that :-). I always use multiple pots, but I love the prep ahead and time saver concept especially during special occasions or when you have a lot of company.

    Enjoy your holiday, love what you do!

  5. Reyna Simnegar says:

    Nope, it’s not a must…but it looks so nice and tastes divine!