Kosher Fest 2010!

Kosher Fest…I have to say I was impressed! First of all, it was very well organized (they probably had Ashkenazi management –smiley face).  It was a short ride from NY City and easy parking.  The weather in NY was bliss!! The place was large and packed with many interesting vendors.  There were people from all walks of life including an Indian businessman I met in line and many Chassidic Jews wearing their long peot (or peos if you speak Yiddish).  My dear husband came with me (I still missed you Cheryl) and I met Ari Behar and Maier Cywk there! It felt like home!

Here I am with my dear husband.  Thank you darling for coming with me!

Here are Maier and Ari…so nice to see familiar faces!

I had made this plan and highlighted the booths I wanted to see (to avoid wasting my time) but then I did what I do when I go grocery shopping with a list…I still walked up and down every single aisle! First things first though, I went to the booth of the new super cool kosher bi-monthly magazine “Kosher Inspired.” I am very excited about it because I will be writing a column for them.  It will be all about exotic kosher food! Yikes! It is going to be fabulous! There I met with sweet Kim Amzallag and Estee Kafra! I got a copy of their introductory issue which is filled with tons of great Chanuka recipes and gorgeous pics.

Kim Rosenberg Amzallah, Director of Sales and Marketing for Kosher Inspired! Subscribe today!

As I am schmoozing with Kim and Estee I glance across the aisle to see my dream come true! There was a booth of people speaking Spanish and drinking Sangria! For a moment I thought I was in Spain! I walked over their booth (much like a zombie) and had a try…I was in heaven! The company is called Bodegas Sanviver and they are based in Madrid, Spain.  They make Kosher Sangria, Mojitos and Cabernet Sauvignon!  Both the Sangria and Mojitos are ready to drink (with alcohol already added) and all you have to add is fruit or mint leaves.  The vendors were really nice (considering between me and my husband drank a few mojiots and sangrias) and even gave me a bottle to take home! Yipee! THey are looking for distributors in the US, so if you know anyone please contact them…I need them!!

I decided to go back to the beginning and start walking my aisles! The first aisle had my favorite Kosher Chef…Susie Fishbein! I just love her! She is not only a great Chef but also she is such a nice person. She was promoting her new cookbook “Kosher by Design-Teens and twenty Somethings.” I can’t wait to get my copy autographed when she comes to Boston Tuesday November 16th.  Check out the Chabad at Chesnut Hill’s website and come to her cooking show!  Susie was seating at the booth for Kolatin…real Kosher gelatin.  Oh my Gosh was that gelatin good!  I had tons of it!

Susie Fishbein, author of the series “Kosher by Design”…coming to Boston November 16th!

Right across from Kolatin was a booth with nice paper goods…their name is King Zak Industries, INC. and they have just gorgeous paper goods.  However, if you have been to my house you know I don’t use paper…I love real dishes and the next set I am getting from a company called Carmona New York and Co.  Their booth was simply stunning! They make custom ceramic dishes that fit your needs!  There was another booth with stunning catering dishes called Chef field presentation.  You know I am getting some pieces from them too! This stuff is candy to my eyes! Talking about candy…there was candy planet…one of my favorite kosher candies…my kids love them too!

Beautiful paper goods from King Zak Industries, Inc.

I am a HUGE sweet tooth!

Carmona New York and Co. beautiful porcelain dishes custom made for your needs and taste!

In terms of food it was so much fun to meet Simon Nourmand from Galil.  He is also Persian and married a Non-Persian bride!  My husband and I were having so much fun talking about it with him.  I use many of their products in my recipes!  We also had a great time trying delicious couscous made with Osem products! I also met some great people that work at Nu Spice; they make spice mixes tailored to your taste! Very cool!

Here is my husband making sure the couscous had enough salt…jejeje!

I was trying to get a picture of my husband next to a gefilte fish log (obviously funny) but all the men with black hats had eaten it all! Instead we took a pic of the very Ashkenazi Aaron’s cold cuts…they were fantastic! However, not as fantastic as the spicy mini hotdogs made by Of Tov! DELISH! Garlic Expressions was there as well with their amazing dressing.  I use it everywhere in my kitchen!

Cold cuts…heated up a little and free…not fat free…but who cares?!

I was so luck y to be able to taste the delicious olive oil collection that Etz Hazait makes.  They taught me that, just like wine is tasted, so does olive oil.  These magnificent oils are looking for a distributor here in the US. Another great company looking for a distributor is Teelah, they make children’s vitamins (the ones that taste like gummy bears), cereals and pizza!  They have the Uncle Moishy license and his caricature all over their products…I think I am finally going to be able to feed my kids their vitamins!

Last but not least, let’s talk tequila!  Kah was amazing tequila with three irresistible choices: Blanco, Reposado and Anejo.  The best part was the bottles…they were a hit! I fell in love with their super cool bottle in the shape of a skull! Check it out!

Here is my husband…after many tequilas, mojitos and sangrias…totally himself, hugging some Chinese-wannabie dudes!

As you can see, I had a great time in Kosher Fest and I am in for next year! I will have to diet a week before because I must have gained 5 pounds that day…but it was worth it!  I hope you enjoyed this short (but sweet) review!

This was the nicest display…I love Russian eggs…taking about Russia, last Shabbat I took a shot of vodka thinking it was water…I could hardly breath after that!

Thank you for reading! I love to hear your comments…please show me you are reading this and having fun!

Have a great Shabbat!

Shabbat Shalom!


8 Responses to “Kosher Fest 2010!”

  1. I love your reviews… I get hungry even if I’m quite filled. It would be so good if there was festival like this in Europe. We miss a lot.

    You look so pretty 5 pounds won’t make any difference.

    Shabbat Shalom! All the best.

  2. Reyna Simnegar says:

    Thank you Sophie! I love hearing from you!

    Shabbat Shalom!

  3. Maya says:

    I can’t believe you were right here and I didn’t see you. Love your blog and soo much fun to read it. Keep it coming : ))))

  4. Reyna Simnegar says:

    I know..I miss out!! We’ve got to make it to you with the all the kids soon! LOVE YA!

  5. D. Frank says:

    With those cold cut slices and eggs—you need a little Kosher horser4adish on them! I didn’t see you at the Gold Pure Food Products, Inc., exhibitor booth—five generation 78-year-old manufacturers of fifty condiment foods including their famous horseradish!

  6. Sarit says:

    The magazine sounds fun & interesting.. I’m curious to see it!
    Fyi: My kids take a vitamin we order from NY, it’s an orange flavor gummy-bear, let me know if you want the name!

  7. Reyna Simnegar says:

    Thank you! I will ask you about those vitamins!

  8. Reyna Simnegar says:

    I didn’t see your booth! It might have been we read horseradish and immediately thought gefilte! My husband very much dislikes gefilte…so he might have passed it purposely in case I wanted to try some gefilte and smell like it the rest of the day. I do purchase your products (no horseradish) but surely the wasabi sauce!