TV Show 10! News in Philly (behind the scenes)

What an incredible experience! I had never been in live television before. Even though I am currently filming episode 4 of my cooking show (stay tuned for more on that soon). I had never been so nervous before a camera in my entire life! I think it had to do with many factors. First it was live TV…no mistakes allowed. Second I was traveling by myself…which I later found to be a pleasure! And Third…well, whatever who says there has to be a third?

It all started with me waking up at 3am…yep. Of course I am way too vain to allow me to leave my home without looking perfect – to my standards that is. My taxi came at 4am and I left for my 5:30am flight. I usually fly very well, but there was a really loud vibration in the plain. I didn’t think much of it, until I overheard the flight attendants saying, “What is that vibration? I have been flying for 15 years and never heard something like that” the other says, “Me neither, let’s ask the pilot.” One of them phones the pilot and says to the other, “The pilot never heard anything like that either, I hope the airplane roof doesn’t detach.” That’s when I really started regretting not brining with me a flask filled with tequila! The pilot went on to let everyone know there was a problem with the plane and he was going to be directed to a shortcut to make it to Philly safe. I started saying Shema… Fortunately, we landed safely and I was very happy to get myself out of that machine asap.


Here is Bill…a really, really nice host!

Philly was freezing! OMG! And I didn’t wear boots because I wanted to have easy on-and-off shoes for security. The Taxi cab had no idea where channel 10! News was. I had to direct him using my cell phone’s GPS…yep, his GPS was broken! When finally got there, I was so early the place was closed. I found refuge in a building next door.

My phone rang. It was Bonnie. She was my food stylist for the segment. Bonnie is the nicest little lady anyone can imagine. You just want to adopt her and have her around all the time to make things easy and pretty for you. She is truly talented and unbelievable. Thank you Bonnie! She tells me on the phone NBC is letting her in. I made my way to the building and get to security. The building has more security than the white house. I was let in and taken to the stage. Everyone was SO nice. Immediately I could smell frying eggplant coming from the kitchen’s set. Bonnie was hard at work making me look good! I was escorted to the “green room” where two men sat. They were authors of a cool thriller that became a hit!  There were sweets, coffee, tea and many seats to make anyone comfortable. Out of the sudden, a bunch of really tall men came in. They were musicians. They had been playing a really nice song all along. They played it so many times that I almost knew it by heart. They were SO nice. The lead singer ended up being the famous John Waite. He has a very popular song in the 80s called “Missing you.” His guitarist was Kyle Cook from Match Box 20…such nice man! He loved it that I was raising 5 boys! He also has a few children. John Waite was promoting his new album “Rough and Tumble,”  the song they played was “If you ever get lonely”…such a nice song!


Absolutely lovely and delicious Bonnie…the best food stylist ever!

The channel’s make-up artist came in and powdered everyone…all the men! It was a room full of men and there was me. I am used to it, I am always with 6 men (5 kids and a husband). Fortunately, I am a makeup artists and didn’t need her help…also, I think I would have killed her if she touched me with that disgusting makeup brush after using it to brush all the men.

My turn came at 10:27 am. The person interviewing me, Bill, was super charming. It was easy to feel comfortable with such nice people. The audience was of about 50 people…all smiling and willing to learn.  I felt at home. The spot was 6 minutes; I felt it lasted about 30 seconds. I mostly schmoozed. If you want to see me cooking, you can click on my cooking videos. LOL!!

A pic with the talented John Waite. The last man on the far right is guitarrist Kyle Cook from Matchbox Twenty…a room full of boys and me…very much used to it because that is all I get at home every day!

It all ended too fast, but I was so happy because that meant I could see my dear cousin Aurirosa. My first cousin lives in Philly with her husband and cute little boys (3 boys) I guess boys run in the family because my sister also has only boys! I met her at this great restaurant called Max and David’s. The food was sublime! I had not seen her in more than 15 years and she looks as young and beautiful as my last memory of her. It was so much fun talking about our children and laughing at boy stuff. I love her.

Auri took me to the Omni Hotel where my next interview would happen. I got a chance to glance at the Liberty Bell from our car! Later on I rented a movie Auri recommended: National Treasure. What a great way to remember Philly!

The interview was going to be with Ralph C. It was 2 radio interviews. This man is like a living museum. His voice sounded like what I imagine G-d’s voice must sound like. He was so dignified. There is something very intriguing when a man acts dignified. I was charmed. By the way, he must have been at least 70 years old.

My beautiful cousin Aurirosa! It was super nice to catch up and talk about our boys!

The time flew by again. I took a cab to the airport and headed home. No broken plane this time! My absolutely delicious husband was waiting for me at the airport…absence really makes the heart grow founder! Don’t forget to look at the video below!

Keep tuned for more of my book touring adventures, and don’t forget to get the book! Happy Purim!!


TV Appearance in Philadelphia (video)

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