Persian Cooking Demo, Deal NJ

Deal, NJ…have you ever been there? I was a little scared of the long 5-6 hour drive from Boston…not to mention the uncertainty of meeting people I have only spoke to over the phone. The only thing that calmed me was the fact that my guardian angel, Cheryl Sanders, was coming with me. Nothing can happen to me if Cheryl is there! She is the know-it-all and do-it-all! Thank you Cheryl!

In the stunning gardens of Nina Cohen’s home

Is it possible for two women to schmooze for 5 hours straight without even listening to music once? Well…yes! It is! We talked the ride away! It felt like an hour ride except for the fact that we were starving by the time we got there! We, of course, decided to go to a dairy restaurant the second we arrived to Deal. The place is called Down to Earth…a sweet little restaurant with great service and amazing food! For dessert we had warm lava cake topped with real vanilla (full fat!) ice cream! YUM! I cannot remember the last time I had full-fat ice cream!

Demoing Polo Shirin (Persian Rice with Candied Carrots and Orange Zest) at Lottie’s Kitchen, Deal NJ

We then headed to the home of the Cohen Family where the event was to take place. I have to say I was amazed at the beauty of their home (Ben Porat Yosef) and the charm of this amazing family. Their house has nothing to envy the mansions of RI, but the warmth and hospitality is what is truly special! Even their daughter helped schlepping and prepping for the event. To them, I am so grateful.

My incredible friend Cheryl sanders helping me prep for the demo at the Cohen’s garage!

I love you Cheryl! Thank you!

I also so honored to have been hosted by Nina Cohen. I could not have hoped for a better host! Nina and her gifted daughter-in-law were both darlings! I cannot get over how down-to-earth and sweet these ladies are. Nina is one of the 4 daughters of the original, the one and only, Lottie Chalom. Lottie Chalom along with her husband Haim Chalom (both of blessed memory) started the famous charity: Lottie’s Kitchen (Ezer Mition) which prepares hundreds of meals, sandwiches and snacks every day for families of sick and hospitalized patients. Dedicated Ezer Mizion volunteers deliver the food to hospitals and the homes of sick people, bringing encouraging words and emotional nourishment along with the nutritious food. What a legacy! It was truly an honor to be part of this charity and fundraiser event!

The best daughter-in-Law anyone can wish for! Nina Cohen’s daughter-in-law who was baking until the very last minute to make the event a success!

The fundraiser was organized to perfection. These ladies are such an inspiration to me! They had a gadget boutique organized my Kitchen Kaboodle.  Oh my gosh! It was like going to Disneyland! I am obsessed with gadgets! Find their website here and visit them in Brooklyn, NY! They also have a store in Deal for the summer.  The owner was such darling! I had a great time getting to know so many ladies.


The owner of Kitchen Kaboodle! Visit them in Brooklyn, NY…what an amazing store!

I also met with the team of magazine and Blog: Tamar Genger and Hadassa Milner. So inspiring to see so much “girl power” in one place! These are the women that make it all happen! I also saw Kim Rosenberg Amzallah, Director of Sales and Marketing for Kosher Inspired Magazine!

With the team behind Tamar Genger and Hadassa Milner

There were over one thousand women attending this event. I cannot get over how successful it was! There were many ladies sharing their family recipes and teaching all of us how to make their best dishes. I feel honored for being invited and for the opportunity to share the beauty of Persian cuisine with all! It was an incredible experience! My favorite part was seeing how these ladies, who seem to have everything possible in the material world, have also managed to achieve everything in the spiritual world.  Knowing that the source of all your blessings is G-d and sharing this blessing with the world is real humility. That is the lesson I learned from the wonderful Syrian ladies in Deal, NJ. Thank you!


3 Responses to “Persian Cooking Demo, Deal NJ”

  1. Pamela says:

    Glad you enjoyed your first SY experience! Sorry I missed it. Hopefully it’ll be your first of many and you’ll pay us a visit in Brooklyn! I have a question about halva. I’ll email you later. ¡Besos!

  2. Georgine says:

    I am looking for Persians to represent Persian ancestry in an exhibit being put together by the Jewish Heritage Museum of Mnmouth County. The exhibit will be showcasing the varied backgrounds of the Jewish population here and will be sharing recipes that we brought with us from the different countries we have lived in before making a home in Monmouth County. If you would like to represent the Persian Jewish component in the tapestry of the Jews of Monmouth County with a favorite recipe, please contact me asap at

  3. Reyna Simnegar says:

    THank you for your note. I am not really Persian (just married to one) my Mother-in-Law should be the one to speak!