613 Mitzvah Store Cookbook Signing LA!

This was a crazy and wonderful day! What to do with 5 little boys while I am at the cookbook signing? For sure I was not going to bring them to a store filled with breakable candelabras and Kiddush cups! Fortunately, my husband devised a plan.  Benadryl! Just joking…I can only imagine your face when you read that! The plan was more like Videos and snacks. YAY! Actually, it is pretty cool for kids that only get to watch videos once a week. They become immediately entranced with owe of that square box like machine (now a days more flat than square…actually) with funny moving objects inside…the wonders of television! WOW!

Mezuzah anyone? Everyone thought I worked here! And I liked it!

I was to get to the city (coming from the Valley) at 1pm…of course didn’t have lunch yet…so I had to stop by an amazing Sushi place. The service was incredibly fast and the sushi was superb.  It is called Sushiko. Inevitably, I stained my dress with soy sauce…if you only knew how clumsy I am! The worse part is that I didn’t realized until the book signing was over…jeje! You’ve just got a laugh it out.

This is Beth Firestone. By chance she came into the store and introduced me to her novel Candles in my Window…a novel for women and teenage girls. I don’t have daughter but I got it for myself!

I have been going to the 613 Mitzvah Store in LA for over 14 years since the time I went to UCLA undergrad. I go there every single time we are in LA because I love their products and let’s face it…it is the best Judaica store in LA. They simply have everything and if they don’t have it they will order it for you.

Here I am with Mrs. Kraft…I could totally hang out with her. She is so much fun!

What I didn’t know was that the owners were so nice! Rabbi. and Mrs. Kraft are just the nicest people! I felt so lucky to spend those 2 hours there. So many nice people came by and bought the cookbook. People that didn’t even know I was supposed to be there! In fact, the funniest thing is that since they placed me behind the counter, people started thinking I worked there. So many people asked me help them choose mezuzah’s for their home…I actually got really good at suggesting and even sold a lady 6 mezuzot (gorgeous crystals ones) for her son’s dormitory. I think I would totally love working there!! Too bad I don’t live in LA.

My kids love dogs. They really want one but I have enough diapers to change! In the meantime we play with Eddy’s cute doggy!

So nice sharing with family! My aunt Julie Simnegar (on my left) is the owner of the most fabulous flower store in LA. Her wedding flowers are out of this world! Visit her at Bouvardia Flowers on Pico Blvd.

After the signing we went to the Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills with the kids, in-laws and extended family…what a wonderful Sunday in sunny LA. Thank you Momon and Papa for watching over the kids while I was at the cookbook signing. Thank you so much to Rabbi and Mrs. Kraft for having me over. I had a great time! Also, thank you to Eli Hollander from the Feldheim Publisher’s family for making this shiduch for me.

This is my delicious oldest son! Even though he is 10 years old he is still lets me hug him. Thank goodness or I don’t know what I would do!


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